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Wendy Stelle
RMNP 1938
My father's uncle, Harold M. "Slim" Ratcliff, was a Ranger at RMNP from 1929-1941, having earned a Forestry degree from CSU. His three children were born in a park cabin. This photo, from a NPS publication, shows him "modeling" a WW2 wool-rationed uniform. Short jacket and pants, no extra pocket flaps, belt loops or back pleats, to conserve fabric for the military. Harold served with Jack C. Moomaw. In Jack's Recollections, published in 1963, he shares a tale of the two of them unsuccessfully tracking a poacher on skis for three days in winter of 1930. When they had to spend a night outdoors, Harold commented about the poacher, "Gosh, he must be a tough egg." Harold went on to become the first custodian at Dinosaur National Monument and finished his park service career as supervisor for the New Mexico and Utah districts. Happy Centennial, RMNP!

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