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John Tull, Denver
Mummy Range from YMCA
I was born in Denver and lived there the first 30 years of my life, and my aunt had a nice cabin on the South St. Vrain about halfway from Lyons to Allenspark, so we went to Rocky Mountain National Park a lot throughout my growing-up years. Then when I went to CU in the late 60s, I worked some of my vacations at the YMCA of the Rockies (Association Camp) right outside of Estes Park. The camp sits in a kind of “notch” or incursion into Rocky, right on the Park's eastern boundary, not too far from Bear Lake. I've hiked the 3-4 miles from the Y-camp to Bear Lake on several occasions. Of course I've been over Trail Ridge more times than I can count, and hiked and climbed many wonderful trails, but the scene I've posted here is the view I saw every day from where I worked at the YMCA camp. The picture is a color slide from 1967 looking NNW from the old YMCA Wind River Lodge (now rebuilt) where I stayed during my CU-vacation summer job time at the Y. The view shows some of the Mummy Range and in the foreground is the old “woody” that Y camp student employees used to cart things around, plus the corner of the Sweet Memorial building on the left (with a phone booth!), and a few of the family cabins in the woods. Those were great times, and although I live in the Pacific NW now, I still go back to Rocky Mountain whenever I can, and plan to be there again in June '15 to observe the 100th!

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