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Bob Copeland, Fort Collins
Chasm Meadows, June 12, 2003
Much snow fell on the Northern Front Range in late winter 2003. While one event brought 30+ inches to Fort Collins, even more snow was falling in the Park, and an avalanche demolished the Chasm Meadows Patrol Cabin just below Chasm Lake. This cabin, built in 1931, had served as a staging point for rangers carrying out their many rescues of hikers and climbers on Longs Peak, and it was used to store much of the gear which they needed to successfully accomplish these missions. The photo shows a portion of what remained of the debris field in June. No doubt rangers carried out the most important gear, but individual hikers helped by carrying out much of what remained, piece by piece, to the East Longs Peak Ranger Station. A temporary storage shed served to store gear for the next six years, and a permanent new patrol cabin was erected nearby (out of the avalanche zone) in 2009.

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