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Bob Copeland, Fort Collins
Wild Basin from Copeland Mountain, 1994
The summit of Copeland Mountain (13,176') rewards the off-trail hiker with spectacular 360 degree views, including Wild Basin to the north and Indian Peaks Wilderness to the south. Copeland Mountain, Copeland Moraine, Copeland Falls and Copeland Lake were all named for John B. Copeland (no relation to the contributor). One would think that a person for whom so many Park features were named would have been famous, at least well-known. However not much is known about John B. other than the fact that he homesteaded 320 acres in 1889 near what became known as Copeland Lake, and that he may have been a Central City pioneer in the 1860s and 1870s. [See Arps and Kingery, High Country Names (Estes Park: RMNA, 1977) for more details.] If not well-known he must have been well-liked, for locals fended off many attempts in future years to change the name of Copeland Mountain. Among alternate names suggested were those of (Clarence) King of the U.S. Geological Survey and (John) Tyndall, the great English physicist and student of glacial phenomena.

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