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Margaret Anderson/Anchorage, Alaska
Bluebird Lake Trail/Summer 1969
When I was 14, my family, including my granny, were hiking from the ranger station along the Bluebird Lake Trail on a lovely summer day. It was very beautiful, the trail beckoned and I took off faster along the trail, thinking to see Ouzel Lake and maybe an ouzel (American dipper) and then return to my slower paced family. I saw Ouzel Lake, then thought I'd go on to Bluebird Lake but was stopped by deep snow on the trail, so I started back down, taking a short detour through the woods to Chickadee Lake, where I saw an American dipper! Didn't meet my family on the way down. Just as I got back to the ranger station parking area, a uniformed park ranger on a horse (cool!) rode up to me and asked my name. Turned out my family had sent the rangers out to find me. Oops! I wasn't lost, I knew exactly where I was! I eventually joined the park service and love every park I've worked in or visited. Happy Birthday, Rocky!

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