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Bob Copeland, Fort Collins
Bluebird Lake, Oct. 1988
Today's visitors to Wild Basin's beautiful Bluebird Lake may not realize that it was once a City of Longmont reservoir. Before the establishment of RMNP in 1915, Longmont dammed four lakes (Bluebird, Lawn, Pear, Sandbeach) within present Park boundaries. After the earthen Lawn Lake dam failed in 1982, resulting in significant property damage and loss of life, the Colorado State Engineer's Office directed Longmont to breach or repair all dams, and the water behind the dams was lowered immediately. In 1987, RMNP purchased the easements to the dams, and they were subsequently removed. Bluebird, the largest and the only concrete dam (60' high , 200' long), was removed in 1989 and 1990. A Schaeff Walking Excavator w/hydraulic hammer reduced the dam to rubble, and helicopters, including an Army Chinook and an Erickson Sikorsky S-64 Sky Crane, removed 2,500 tons of concrete from the dam site. For additional fascinating details, google "Removal of Bluebird Dam" to access RMNP documents from which the above information was gleaned.

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