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Bob Copeland
Longs Peak or Bust!, 1939
The William Copeland family, natives of Colorado, moved to Lincoln, Il in 1935 when Bill had the opportunity to become president of Lincoln College. Here they are packed and ready to depart on their annual automobile journey to RMNP for two or three weeks of vacation. It was a long trip in the days before modern cars and interstate highways, but Bill was well-equipped for the job. As a Colorado College English professor in the 1920s and early 30s, he coached the debate team and frequently drove them to the East Coast to debate such prestigious institutions as Syracuse, Providence, Temple, Boston College, Boston University, Marquette and Washington & Lee. This was in the days when your travel guide might give directions such as, "Turn left at the red barn with the White Owl Cigars sign, proceed three miles, then right at the one way bridge... ." Despite the trials and tribulations of a long auto trip, the 1930 team faced 18 opponents in 14 states and lost only two decisions (Reid. Colorado College, 1979, p. 117). The Copelands were not about to let a little motor car trip across the plains in mid-summer heat deter them from their beloved Rockies.

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